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Sacred Mill Specialty Coffee



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What is Sage and Elder?

We wanted our coffee liqueur to be enjoyed on its own be it at home after a long day at work or on chill evening as you enjoy a stimulating conversation with your favourite people, a perfect way to finish off a delicious meal.

Your love for coffee doesn’t have to end at 4pm which is why we crafted our coffee liqueur, Sage and Elder, to be enjoyed in the evenings. Our signature specialty blend, Killshot, forms the base of our wonderfully complex third wave coffee liqueur that has been aged with a mix of spices and distilled with the finest Polish vodka. Need we say more?

The Process

The journey of sage and elder starts at 1500 masl in a small farm in Kirinyaga region, Kenya. Complimented with a generous amount of Cuban Serrano grown in the Sierra Maestra mountains in Cuba. Both coffees are roasted very light, using the Nordic Color Code for consistency and to meet the taste profile, and the two coffees are roasted separately, rested for two weeks, and then blended together. The Killshot Blend is then ground to the finer end of medium-coarse, then mixed it with a variety of spices like vanilla, cinnamon, and freshly roasted single-origin ground cacao from Madagascar. The coffee and spice blend is then distilled and goes through a maceration process with the finest Polish Vodka. The end result is an intense, smooth coffee liqueur like no other.

Taste Notes

When you open the bottle for the first time, you are greeted by the aroma of the coffee, cacao, and orange. Your first sip delights the senses with smooth vodka, coffee, and chocolate, and the aftertaste is notes of baked chocolate, smoked orange with hints of cinnamon.

It is intense, smooth, and an absolute delight. It is coffee after dark.




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