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Sacred Mill Specialty Coffee



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Wild Strawberry, Peach and Citrus
The name Fruta Madura means ripe fruit, and is the concept name we have given to these ‘washed’ coffees where the cherries are left for an extended fermentation before they are pulped, washed and dried.
This coffee is a unique and new concept for us. We have partnered with producers and in areas we have worked for many years, to get even more fruit! In this particular lot the cherry where fermetned for 36 hours before being pulped, and then this coffee was dried in a parabolic drier.

We have asked some of the producers in Nariño to create lots with extended cherry fermentation in order to get even more of the fruit characteristics out of the coffees. We are calling this concept "Fruta Madura", which is Spanish for ripe fruit. This lot is from a collection of producers who all produced small volumes of extended fermentation.

The producers who contributed to this lot are those below,

Jairo Enriquez Zuniga Melo
Juan Carlos Sapuyes
Yolanda Marlene Garzon Lopez

Processing: Extended Fermentation Washed

For Coffee lovers at home, we recommend the following recipe on

Espresso and Milk Based

COFFEE RESTING PERIOD 10 - 14 days after roast
DOSE 20.5g
EXTRACTION 38g (two shots)
EXTRACTION TIME 25 - 27 seconds
MILK WEIGHT 120/130g
FREEZE DATE 25-30 days after roast



For coffee lovers at home, we recommend water with balanced mineral content to optimize flavor and character. Keep Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) between 25-50 ppm or mg/l.

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