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Sacred Mill Specialty Coffee



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Cup profile

Stewed Peach Candy with citrus and dark sugars. Creamy honey finish.


Tolima is situated in the central west of Colombia sitting between Huila, Cauca and Valle De Cauca as well as being bordered by Caldas to the north and west. This region is one of the least inhabited and difficult to reach regions and during the Civil War until recent years has been an area largely controlled by the FARC. The department is known as being one of the most productive for farming and also producing some of the best specialty coffee with a unique profile.


 This coffee comes from Finca La Roca State owned by Jorge Rojas who inherited and took on the farm helping his mother when he was only 12. Due to this loss in the family at that time it made it difficult for Jorge to finish his studies as he was needed to work to help the family survive. Now 20 years later with experience in coffee and pushing the production of specialty coffee Jorge has really pushed the farm by planting varietals such as Pink Bourbon and geisha. Jorge has paid attention and meticulous detail to the post-harvest process and understanding the need for this execution to maximise the coffee they produce.

  1) Fermentation in covered barrels for 36 hours

 2) Pulping of the coffee

 3) Fermentation with a pH of 6.2. The fermentation finished with pH 4.8

 4) First drying phase: Sundry beds at 26 degrees.

 5) Second drying phase: parabolic during four hours per day for 28 days (highest temperature: 34 degrees).

For Coffee lovers at home, we recommend the following recipe on

20g coffee to 300g of water.

0:00 - 00:45 - 50g Pre-Infusion 

00:45 - 1:15 - 60% (180g)

1:15 - 1:45 - 100% (300g)

Try to hit the TBT (Total Brew Time) between 3:00 - Adjust only grind size and water temperature.


For coffee lovers at home, we recommend water with balanced mineral content to optimize flavor and character. Keep Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) between 25-50 ppm or mg/l. We advise a temperature between 93-95°C for the best brewing experience


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