Nordic Roast

Sacred Mill’s Philosophy
 We import and roast fresh seasonal, single origin and custom blend coffees in the Nordic roasting style. 
Now you may be wondering- what on earth is the Nordic Roast Profile?
 Nordic roasting style essentially means light roasted coffees and consistent quality. Our roast style is fully developed but light and clean. We believe it brings out the full flavor potential of each coffee. 
 As each coffee has its own sensory experience. We have created the “3R-Series” and each of our coffees will fall under of the following series. 
Roots Series - These coffees form the very basis of specialty coffee- they exhibit characteristics such as balanced, complex and clean with floral or fruity flavour notes.
Renaissance Series - These coffee have undergone experimental processes in the way they are harvested and processed and exhibit unique characteristics. Best summed as a brilliant coffee experience with a twist. 
Rare Series - These coffees are gems of the coffee world. They are highly sought after and are a true celebration of the finest coffees. Truly one of a kind and an experience like none other.